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"Designed to get you working together", The team fitness test is an exercise used to promote team work and cooperation within a business to keep things running smoothly and effectively in all areas of the organisation. Following this assessment, you will have a much better understanding of yourself and how to achieve great teamwork. 

The exercise is simple, yet effective. Each team member, including your supervisor and/or manager fills out a questionnaire and is given a 1-4 rating system to grade different activities and work routines that are typical of a day in the business. Once all of the questionnaires have been completed and collected, the overall answers will be assesed against the 5 key 'fitness elements':

  • Shared leadership
  • Group work skills
  • Climate 
  • Cohesiveness
  • Team member contributions

The contributions are anonymous, therefore we only get a team score, with everyones feelings and views included. Following the assessment we then share the results and discuss them. Once all is agreed we will deliver tailor made courses for your team depending upon the needs we establish with you.

Does this sound like something that could benefit your team at work? Simply call or email to make an enquiry today!

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